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Here at the clinic, sports people of all abilities from regular gym users to committed athletes are helped to get back on the track after an injury. It's really simple; I take pride in getting sports people back on to the pitch, the field or in the ring.

Sports therapy across Norwich


Treatments will be tailored to your requirements and may include ‘hands on treatment’, exercise and taping techniques, which may be combined with appropriate electrotherapy.

Sports treatment in Norwich

- Soothes muscles

- Reflexes muscles and ligaments

- Can quicken your recovery

- Stretches nerves

- Reduces future injury



Early professional advice and treatment means that your injury is receiving the correct and most appropriate interventions to speed and enhance your recovery. It ensures that you are doing the right exercises for your injury and can facilitate your early return to your sporting activity.

Sports therapy that you can rely on to get you back to your best. Call:

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How it works

How does early

treatment help?

If you think Anne Pointer MCSP can help you, but you can't see the service listed here, then that doesn't mean I can't help you. Get in touch with me at Old Catton in Norwich to discuss your options.

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