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Physiotherapy can come in various forms, however by far the most effective and most popular is the gentle manual therapy favoured by most physiotherapists. Come and see me in Norwich for more information.

Muscle and joint manipulation


Joint movement and manipulation can help ease discomfort in joints, the muscles and the nerves surrounding them.

Joint manipulation and movement

- Professional

- Reliable

- Tailored treatment

- Affordable

- Friendly


Some mild discomfort in the early stages is to be expected with certain injuries, particularly lower back and spinal issues. This fades as your problem heals.

Muscle assistance via manual therapy. Call Anne Pointer MCSP on

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Why choose us?

Does it hurt?

That's a tricky question to answer as it really does depend on both the person and the injury. Hopefully, you can regain your flexibility within a few visits and can continue your recovery at home with a bespoke exercise programme.

How long does it take?