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Coming back from an injury can take time and effort, and one overstretch or wrong move can set you back weeks. That’s where physiotherapy can help. Your exercise programme will have you moving functionally in no time at all.

Tailored exercise programmes

Everybody is different, and every body is different too! That’s why each rehab recovery programme is carefully planned to be specific to your individual requirements.

Exercise programmes tailored to you

- Tailored approach

- Bespoke regime

- Professional advice

- Careful aftercare

- Full support


All your movements are analysed and exercises are introduced carefully and slowly. For example, if you've got a lumbar problem, then I'll make sure you're not over extending on your abdominal exercises.

Bespoke rehab exercise programmes for your recovery. Call:

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What else should I know?

That really depends on whether you're ready or not. It takes a bit of common sense combined with a little bit of professional advice. You will be advised where you are in the rehab process and be able to tell you what you can and can't do at whatever stage you're at.

When can I go back to the gym?