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You will find acupuncture amazingly relaxing. An initial course of weekly treatments may be recommended, followed by seasonal or 'maintenance' treatments. It's all tailored to your requirements as always.

Acupuncture you can depend on


Practised for over two thousand years, acupuncture is aimed at the root of the condition as well as symptoms. By stimulating the body's own healing responses, and restoring its natural balance, there can be a more permanent solution to problems. It really can work wonders for your health and wellbeing.

How acupuncture can help you

- Traditional

- Alternative

- Relaxing

- Healing

- Tailored treatments


Acupuncture can be used to promote good health and wellbeing. It is considered completely suitable for all ages and can be used alongside conventional medicine.


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Why acupuncture?

It's recommended

Acupuncture is a form of ancient Chinese medicine in which very small needles are inserted into the skin at certain points on the body. In the past, this was based on stimulating 'Qi', or a life force, however some scientists and acupuncturists believe that acupuncture may stimulate nerves and muscle tissue, thus promoting healing.


How acupuncture works